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There Is Great Power In Being Gentle

Gentle with new life, Gentle with yourself, Gentle with our planet.


We are Marianne and Jackie, sisters and mothers who are dedicated and passionate about helping other women reduce their family's chemical exposure. We can choose to get depressed about research such as that quoted above or we can get busy creating solutions :-)

We are all about solutions so we have searched high and low to find great quality, natural products that you can feel safe using on yourself during pregnancy, and on your new baby. Furthermore, we've made them affordable by putting them together into our beautiful gift boxes that you can have delivered to your door each month. You may begin to love your postman :-)

Our mission is to support women through the journey of becoming mothers in as natural and gentle a way as possible. Alleviating stress and offering you peace of mind is what we are all about, both through the products we choose and the convenience of monthly home delivery. You won't be able to wait for your next box once you see the outstanding goodies we've found for you. You'll be introduced to new brands and encouraged to indulge in some well deserved self care.

It takes strength to lead by instinct and that is what we hope to support you in. We all have the power to change what we accept for ourselves and our babies, and we can take our hard earned money from large conglomerates and use it to support products and people that we believe in and who reflect the best this world has to offer, rather than the opposite.

We look forward to you joining us in this journey and can't wait to surprise, delight and support you all the way.


With love from us to you x


 Want To Know More?


Marianne Hennessy is a 30 year old mother of two, who studied Nutrition at Surrey University. She then went on to work for Ireland's number one weight loss clinic for three years under famed Dr Eva Orsmond. Here she discovered a love of helping people achieve their goals and helping them to see ways to live healthier and happier. She gained valuable clinical experience and deepened her appreciation of natural and organic foods. She brings all of this knowledge and passion to everything she does at Gentle Mamas, and is delighted to continue helping people see the possibilities for their lives.


Jackie Nizzero is a 35 year old mother of one, who studied History at Sussex University before pursuing a career in customer services. She has spent the last 13 years in customer service roles in varied industries such as finance, office management and the wines and spirits industry. She loves working with people and delivering nothing less than outstanding customer service. All the passion and love she has for people has been poured into everything she does at Gentle Mamas and she can't wait to delight more and more happy customers.


Jackie and Marianne are also sisters who have lived in Zimbabwe, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, France (only Jackie) and of course the UK. They have found living in so many different countries has enabled them to see the similarities in everyone instead of differences and taught them to not put people in 'boxes' but rather see them as multi-faceted.