About Us

Welcome to Gentle Mamas. We care about finding the gentlest, most practical items to help you care for yourself & baby.

We know how overwhelming and intense motherhood can be and how hard it is to find the purest, kindest products to use on baby and yourself and we love nothing more than sharing what we've discovered with other mums. We've done all the hard work finding and researching these products and have put them together into gift boxes, ready to be delivered to your door. We worked hard to design packaging that was mature and luxurious as we wanted each box, whether bought for yourself or a friend, to feel like a wonderful treat.

Gentle Mamas believe there is great power and strength in being gentle. It's hard to swim against the current and unfortunately so much of what's out there for mama and baby is full of chemicals. We believe that every woman discovers a new strength when they become a mother and that is what we are about; helping other mothers who have responded to this need and created wonderful, gentle and innovative products, as well as supporting women who want the purest products for their baby but don't necessarily have the time to hunt them down.

Who we are:

We are Jackie Nizzero and Marianne Hennessy, sisters who became mothers for the first time within months of each other.  We were raised by a medical doctor who has always had an interest in alternative and natural ways of treating illness. He studied medicine aswell as homeopathy, naturopathy and acupuncture and taught us to always be careful about what we put on and in our bodies. 

We felt frustrated at discovering super useful products after we needed them and despite having a wide network of mum friends, found that a lot of the newest innovations simply aren't readily available to new mums;  often just through lack of knowledge of their existence.

Gentle mamas came about as a result of our desire to share the knowledge we acquired that has helped us to care for our babies and ourselves. Having a Doctor, Nutritionist and Beauty Therapist in the family has helped us combine over 50 years of knowledge when choosing natural, healthy and useful products.We aim to bridge the gap and provide a nice gift box that a mum can buy herself, or that can be offered as a gift.

We are both passionate about living as gentle and natural a life as possible and hope you and your baby benefit greatly from visiting our site.