Change the way you see baby products forever: Introducing Gentle Mamas

My sister and I became first time mothers within three months of each other and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. Those early months are a fog now, but when I was in the thick of it I was struggling, all day, every day, and it was great to have someone close who just got it and could offer advice, tips and tricks as they were learning them themselves.

We both became dissatisfied with mainstream products that were irritating our babies’ skin and increasingly concerned and more importantly aware of what chemicals we were blindly putting on their delicate skin. It is alarming and unpleasant research but we both felt moved to do it.

Truly disgusted by what we discovered about lots of the known and trusted brands we went on individual searches to find natural, safe products and would then share our discoveries and experiences with using them. The idea for Gentle Mamas was born when we decided we really wanted to share that information with as many mothers as we could.

I struggled a lot with an anxious, colicky baby who was intensely high needs and found when I was just not able to sleep from my own anxiety or stress that rescue remedy (Bach Flower Remedies) helped enormously. That’s why I was delighted to discovered Calm-a-mama drops which are herbal and flower remedies designed specifically for mothers and babies. I would have given anything to have tried them in those trying months and would have preferred to spend a lot less on something natural than spend loads on yet another toy/pillow that promises to solve my problems and doesn’t. That’s why I absolutely insisted on their inclusion in our boxes. How is nobody in Europe making anything like this? This is how all product selection went and everything in our boxes is there to answer a specific need you may not be aware you will even have, but we are really excited for more and more mothers to get a helping hand finding the best natural products.

I know we’ve all heard the older generation say ‘I used it on my babies and it was fine’, and that may well be the case but the world has changed in the interim, and never before in the history of humanity have infants been exposed to so many chemicals and such high levels of them. We are part of a global experiment and won’t know the results for years to come, but the signs (childhood obesity, high incidences of allergic illnesses in children, vast increases in gluten and dairy intolerance and the abundance of cancers in younger and younger people) are disturbing to say the least.

We are both realists and know it’s virtually impossible to eliminate all chemical exposure from anyone’s life but reducing it is possible and doesn’t’ have to cost the earth. The air is polluted, our water is chemical laden as is the earth our vegetables grow in, so why bother you might think. And that is a reasonable argument and a thought that we have both had on occasion. For us it’s about reducing the unnecessary toxicity from your life, which may not yield amazing short term results but will undoubtedly help in the long term.

How can I be so sure? Well, the body is 100 percent organic, much like a plant. I’m no scientist or doctor, but I don’t need to be to know that if I pour a 90% coca cola and 10% water solution on my plant every day, it is not going to thrive, will become ill and die quickly. If I pour a 50/50 water/coke solution it will last longer, thrive better, but never reach its full potential and so on and so forth. SO while it may not be possible to get to a 100% chemical free life for you, or your child, we believe you should be informed and able to tip that balance as far in your favour as you can and want to.

We also absolutely insist that this is done in a guilt-free way. Lord knows, there’s enough guilt that already comes with motherhood – we have no desire to create anymore.  We believe every mother is doing what she believes is best for her child, in each moment, based upon her own experiences, economic situation and knowledge, and that should always be respected.

The road from those initial conversations to where we are now has been long and hugely fun while also full of ups and downs. Learning absolutely everything as you go is hard, but we feel passionately about our offering and that is what has kept us going. Growing our own business has always been about children; ours and others as becoming a mother has made me feel much more responsibility to all children than I did before.

We hope to help educate women, help them to question what is taken for granted and make it easier for them to find and access ‘the good stuff’. With much love,

 Gentle Mamas xxx

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