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There will come a time when your baby will put absolutely everything in its mouth and you will realise that the long and trying teething phase has begun. Those little gnashers seem to be pushing on and off forever and just when you think you’ll never see a tooth- one will pop on through.

At this stage your baby will need something to chew that is safe but also does the job of satisfying their urge to chew. Sophie is brilliant because not only is she cute, she also fulfils these important requirements. The following is taken directly from the official website for Sophie the giraffe UK:

Made from 100% natural rubber derived from the sap of the Hevea tree, Sophie’s flexible, renewable, natural materials and non-toxic paint mean she is a safe and natural teething toy for your little one.
Latex from the Hevea tree was first produced in 1928 using the process of vulcanisation, invented by Mr. Charles Goodyear.
The rubber used by Vulli comes from the Hevea tree (rubber trees) that grow in Malaysia. Every morning, before the daytime heat sets in, the milky liquid that oozes from the cells beneath the bark is collected from these millions of Hevea trees. This liquid is known as “latex”.

Latex is natural, elastic and water-resistant, acts as an insulator, is pleasant to the touch and smells nice.

Vulli takes this latex, heats it, and then applies a special process and a rotational moulding technique. The result, after 14 manual operations, is the wonderful little “Sophie la girafe”.
We love her because her different body parts are perfect for chewing at different stages of development. She smells good and above all – she’s safe and gentle .

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